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Symposium 1

Granular Materials in Space Exploration

Co-Chairs: Philip Metzger, Ph.D., University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL; and Juan Agui, Ph.D., NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH

This symposium will focus on the science and engineering of granular materials in space exploration. When we visit a planetary body, we land on granular materials, drive on them, dig in them, extract resources from them, build with them, and study them for science. Because granular materials can rearrange on a mesoscopic scale, their emergent behaviors are difficult to predict and are the subject of intensive research by physicists, engineers, geologists, and other disciplines. Research includes experiments, computer modeling, and collection of data from planetary missions. Technologies are being developed to study granular materials on the Moon, Mars, asteroids, and beyond. Sessions in this symposium will focus on lunar regolith and dust, asteroid regolith, soil mechanics, granular flow, rocket exhaust interactions with regolith, and anything that requires or supports our understanding of granular materials in space.


Wednesday, April 21 | 1:20 - 2:50 pm | WA

Plume and Dust

Chairs: Adrienne Dove, Ph.D., University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL; and Juan Agui, Ph.D., NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH


Gas-Particle Flow Simulations for Martian and Lunar Lander Plume-Surface Interaction Prediction - Authors: Peter Liever, P.E., Technical Fellow; Manuel Gale, Principal Engineer; and Ranjan Mehta, Senior Principal Engineer, CFD Research Corporation; Douglas Westra, Aerospace Technologist, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center; Andrew B. Weaver; Jeffrey S. West

Deep Regolith Cratering and Plume Effects Modeling for Lunar Landing Sites - Author:  Matthew Kuhns, B.S., EIT, NIAC Fellow, Chief Engineer; and Roger Kuhns, Ph.D., Staff Scientist, Masten Pace Systems; Adrienne Dove, Ph.D. Associate Professor; and Philip Metzger, Ph.D., Planetary Scientist, University of Central Florida; Jared Byron; Stefan Lamb; Tyler Roberson; Laurence Lohman; Wesley Chambers; Greg Rixon; Manish Mehta; Paul van Susante

Plume-surface Interaction Phenomena Observed in a Scaled Vacuum Microgravity Experiment - Authors:  Wesley Chambers, PhD., Graduate Research Assistant; Tyler Cox, Undergraduate Researcher; Adrienne Dove, Ph.D., Associate Professor; and Philip Metzger, Ph.D., Planetary Scientist, University of Central Florida

The Damage to Lunar Orbiting Spacecraft Caused by the Ejecta of Lunar Landers  - Authors:  Philip Metzger, Ph.D., Planetary Scientist, University of Central Florida; and James Mantovani, Ph.D., Physicist, NASA Kennedy Space Center

Modeling of Lunar Dust Particle Trajectories for Rocket Plume-Surface Impingement Studies - Authors: James Mantovani, Ph.D., Physicist; and Bruce Vu, Ph.D., Physicist, NASA Kennedy Space Center; John Lane, Ph.D., Physicist, KSC-LASSO, Southeastern Universities Research Association

Scroll Pump Dust Tolerance Test for Martian Atmospheric Acquisition - Authors: Juan Agui, Aerospace Technologist, NASA; and Justin Elchert, Aerospace Thechnologist


Wednesday, April 21 | 3:00 - 4:30 pm | WB

Granular Dynamics

Chairs: S. Joseph Antony, Ph.D., University of Leeds, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England; and Otis Walton, Ph.D., Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory & Grainflow Dynamics, Inc., Livermore, CA


Improvements to Discrete Element Method Simulations for Charged Lunar Grain Dynamics - Authors:  James Phillips, Research Physicist, and Alexander Hillegass, NASA Kennedy Space Center; Adrienne Dove, Ph.D., Assistant Professor; Tarek Elgohary, Ph.D., Assistant Professor; and Hao Wang, Graduate Student, University of Central Florida; Annelisa Esparza

Modelling the Flow Characteristics of Granular Materials Under Low Gravity Environments Using Discrete Element Method - Author: S. Joseph Antony, Ph.D., FRSC, Associate Professor, University of Leeds; Tulegen Amanbayev, Ph.D., Professor; Babatunde Arowosola, Ph.D., Research Scholar; Thabit Barakat, Ph.D., Professor; Lutz Richter, Ph.D., Project Manager, OHB System AG; B. Pullithadathil

Granular Materials Behavior in Low-gravity, Varied Vibrational Environments - Author: Adrienne Dove, PhD., Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida; Kenton Fisher, Flight Systems Engineer; Kristin John, Ph.D., Lunar Surface, Dust Mitigation, Systems Engineer, NASA Johnson Space Center

Low-Gravity Size-Sorting, Conveying, Storage and Delivery of Regolith for ISRU - Authors: Otis Walton, President; Logan Figueroa, Associate Engineer; Brandon Vollmer, Mechanical Engineer; and Hubert Vollmer, Lead Design Engineer, Grainflow Dynamics, Inc

Air Evacuation from a Lunar Soil in a Vacuum Chamber - Authors: Taeil Chung, MS, Research Specialist; Jangguen Lee, Research Fellow; Byung-Hyun Ryu, Ph.D., Research Specialist; Hyu-Soung Shin, Research Fellow; and Yongho Yoo, Ph.D., Research Fellow, Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology; Gyu Hyun Go, Professor

Granular Flow Modeling of Robot-Terrain Interactions in Reduced Gravity - Author: Amin Haeri, Ph.D. Student; and Krzyszlof Skonieczny, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Concordia University


Thursday, April 22 | 12:40 - 2:10 pm | TA


Chairs:  Heather Oravec, Ph.D., The University of Akron, Akron, OH; and Tim Newson, Ph.D., Western University, London, Ontario, Canada


Assessment of the Geo-Mechanical Properties of Lunar Simulant Soils - Author: Timothy Newson, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Western University; A. Ahmed; D. Joshi; X. Zhang; G. R. Osinski

Geotechnical Review of Existing Mars Soil Simulants for Surface Mobility - Author: Heather Oravec, Ph.D, Research Associate Professor, The University of Akron; Vivake M. Asnani; Colin M. Creager; Scott J. Moreland

Introduction to Pilot Plant Production of KLS-1 Regolith Simulant - Author:  Byung-Hyun Ryu, PhD., Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology

Granular Morphology and Mineralogical Composition for Modeling lunar Dust Behavior - Author:  Sarah Deitrick, NASA; J. Bullard; N. Shumaker; P. Suermann

Investigation into Measuring Low Levels of Cohesion of Regolith Simulates - Author: Robert Worley, Graduate Research Assistant, The University of Vermont Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Laura Obregon; Lane Feldeisen; Brandon Nimberger; Colin Palmer; Mandar M. Dewoolkar

Developing a Standard Method to Test Rheology of Regolith Simulants - Author: Makayla Peppin, Undergraduate Researcher, University of Central Florida; C. Schultz; D. Britt; P. Metzger; Z. Landsman; K. M. Cannon; Christian Sipe; Yuxue Sun


Thursday, April 22 | 2:20 - 3:50 pm | TB

Instruments and Measures

Chairs:  Margaret Proctor, NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH; and Hriday Patel, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX


The Stinger: A Geotechnical Sensing Package for Robotic Scouting on a Small Planetary Rover - Author: Zach Mank, Engineering Manager, Honeybee Robotics; K. A. Zacny;  J. C. Palmowski; D. T. Hastings; N. W. Traeden; A. C. Wang;
P. B. Beard; J. A. Bailey; R. C. Huddleston; D. Bergman; T. M. Thomas; M. Yu, P. W. Chow; L. A. Stolov; J. W. Atkinson; M. J. Buchbinder; A. Rogg; M. G. Bualat; T. W. Fong

Apollo Seismic Data Interpretation Using an Elastodynamic Space-Time Spectral Element Technique and Dispersion Image Inversion Method - Author: Hongwei Liu,MSc, Ph.D. Student, The University of Manitoba; Pooneh Maghoul

Horizontal-to-Vertical Spectral Ratio (HVSR) Analysis of the Martian Passive Seismic Data from the InSight Mission - Author: Siavash Mahvelati, Ph.D,  Project Engineer, Vibra-Tech Engineers; Joseph Thomas Coe

KICT Space Drill System for Subsurface Investigation of the Moon - Author: Hongcheal Lee, MA, Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology; B. Ryu; J. Lee; H. Shin

Applying Terrestrial Geo-material Science Experiments and Analysis for Space-based in situ Space Resource Utilization - Author: Hriday Patel, BE. MSCM Candidate, Texas A&M University; P. Suermann; N. Shumaker; S. Deitrick; J. W. Bullard; R. C. Ewing

Force Measurements to Excavate Lightly Compacted Granular Lunar Soil Simulant GRC-3B - Author: Margaret Proctor, MSME, NASA; Kyle A. Johnson; Fransua Thomas; Yu Hin Hau



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