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Symposium 5

Space Engineering, Construction, and Architecture for Moon, Mars, and Beyond

Co-Chairs: Ramesh B. Malla, Ph.D., F. ASCE, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT; Melissa Sampson, Ph.D., Ball Aerospace, Boulder, CO; Alexander Jablonski, Ph.D., P.Eng, Canadian Space Agency, Ottawa, Canada; and Gerald (Jerry) B. Sanders, NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX

There have been increased activities and interests in space activities, especially lunar and Martian exploration by the public and private sectors alike. Many national and international agencies and space industry are currently involved in the planned lunar missions. The recent United States Space Policy Directive 1 directs NASA to focus on lunar exploration with a new human return to the Moon and then manned missions to Mars. These efforts will involve both robotic and human missions. The recent landing of the Chinese lunar surface probe Chang’e-4 on the far side of the Moon has opened up a new chapter in lunar exploration with plans by several space actors for humans to follow in the late 2020’s.

As the world’s space community prepares to return to the Moon with humans, this time to stay, explore and then settle elsewhere in the Solar System on a long term basis, it is imperative that we continue to support the development of qualified engineering, construction and architecture concepts and guidance for these developments. On Earth, multiple new spaceports have been constructed with modernized methods and operations, providing new insights into enhanced operational efficiencies, This symposium deals with innovative concepts, methods, designs, research, development, and applications related to all aspects of human space exploration, architecture, engineering and construction, including facilities in orbit and on planetary surfaces such as the Moon, Mars, moons of Mars and asteroids, as well as terrestrial spaceports.


Wednesday, April 21 | 1:20 - 2:50 pm |  WA

Innovative Engineering and Construction on the Moon and Mars Utilizing and Harnessing Indigenious Geo-Environmental Resources
Chairs: Ramesh B. Malla, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT; and Gerald (Jerry) B. Sanders, NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX

  • Marscrete, a Martian Concrete for Additive Construction Applications Utilizing In Situ Resources - Author: Gianluca Cusatis, Ph.D., Professor, Northwestern University; Raul Marrero, Ph.D. Candidate; Kavya Mendu, Ph.D. Candidate; Elham Ramyar, Ph.D. Candidate; Matthew Troemner, E.I., Ph.D. Candidate, Northwestern University
  • Magnesia-Metakaolin Regolith Mortar for Martian Construction - Authors:  Milap Dhakal, Student; Don Clucas, Ph.D., Professor; Rajesh Dhakal, Ph.D. Professor; Matthew Hughes, Ph.D., Lecturer; Robert Mueller, M.ASCe, MSSE, Senior Aerospace Technologist, NASA Kennedy Space Center; Allan Scott, P.Eng, Ph.D., Professor; Vineet Shah, Ph.D, Associate Professor, University of Canterbury; Christopher Oze
  • Microwave Sintering of Lunar Regolith Simulant for Manufacturing Building Elements - Author: Young-Jae Kim, Ph.D., Senior Researcher; Jangguen Lee, Research Fellow; Byung-Hyun Ryu, Ph.D., Research Specialist; Hyu-Soung Shin, Research Fellow, Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology; Hyun Woo Jin
  • Mars In-Situ Resource Utilization and Sulfur Concrete - Author: Abdur Rahim, Ph.D., Assistant Professor; Ahsan Gulzar, Graduate Student; Ammad Hassan Khan, Ph.D., Professor; Zia ur Rehman, Ph.D. Associate Professor, University of Engineering and Technology Lahore
  • Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) for ISRU-Oriented Lunar Soil Simulant Densification: Microstructural Evolution and Mechanical Characteristics - Author: Xiang Zhang, Graduate Student, University of Nebraska; Bai Cui, Assistant Professor; Mahdieh Khedmati, Graduate Student; Yong-Rak Kim, Ph.D., Professor, Texas A&M University;  and Young-Jae Kim, Ph.D., Senior Researcher; Jangguen Lee, Research Fellow; Hyu-Soung Shin; Research Fellow, Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Technology; Shayan Gholami
  • The Effects of Mineral Abundances on Mechanical & Structural Properties of Sintered Hawaiian Basalt Aggregate:  Implications for Lunar/Mars ISRU Applications - Authors:  Kyla Edison, Geology and Material Science Technician; Christian Anderson, Research and Operations Manager; and Kye Harford, Geology Technician, PICES Hawaii; Rodrigo Romo, Director, Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems (PICES); Joshua Tokunaga, Intern, Arizona State University

Wednesday, April 21 | 3:00 - 4:30 pm | WB

Technical Requirements for Lunar and planetary Systems
Chairs: Alexander M. Jablonski, Canadian Space Agency, Ottawa, Canada; and Kin Man, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA

  • Technical Aspects of Micrometeoroid Impact on Lunar Systems/Structures - Author: Dinindu Gunasekara, Former Co-op Student, Canadian Space Agency and the University of Waterloo; Alexander Jablonski, Ph.D., P.Eng, Project Manager, Canadian Space Agency
  • Dusty Thermal Vacuum (DTVAC) Facility Payloads Operations Under Simulated Lunar Environment - Author: Roman Kruzelecky, Ph.D., Senior Scientist; Paul Burbulea, Test Engineer; Martin Mena, Software Designer; Piotr Murzionak, Mechanical Engineer; Greg Schinn, Ph.D. Director; and Ian Sinclair, Ph.D, Senior Scientist, MPB Communications Inc; Edward Cloutis, Ph.D., Professor, University of Winnipeg
  • Environmental Verification of NASA’s Europa Clipper Mission – an Update - Author: Kin Man, Ph.D., Europa Clipper Environments Engineer, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
  • Pad for Humanity: Lunar Spaceports as Critical Shared Infrastructure - Author: Jessy Kate Schingler, Director of Policy and Governance, Open Lunar Foundation; Erik Franks, CEO, Tesseract; Philip Metzger, Ph.D., Planetary Scientist, University of Central Florida; Jeffrey Montes, M.Arch. Senior Space Architect, Blue Origin
  • Engineering Aspects of Seismicity on the Moon - Authors:  Michael Wootton, Mechanical Engineering Student, University of Waterloo; Alexander Jablonski, Ph.D., P.Eng, Project Manager, Canadian Space Agency
  • Impact of Recent Lunar Missions on the Understanding of Lunar Environments - Authors:  Alexander Jablonski, Ph.D., P.Eng, Project Manager, Canadian Space Agency, Kin Man, Ph.D., Europa Clipper Environments Engineer, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

Thursday, April 22 | 12:40 - 2:10 pm | TAi

Inflatable and Deployable Structures:  Applications for Space and Planetary Environments
Chairs: Greg Muller, ILC Dover, Houston, TX; and Ramesh B. Malla, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT

  • Rationale for Using Inflatable Structures for Habitable Surface Elements and Associated with Them Limitations - Author: Olga Bannova, Ph.D., Lic.Eng, Research Professor, Director, Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture, College of Engineering University of Houston
  • Inflatable Crew Lock for Deep Space Exploration: Structure, Operation, and Design Considerations - Author: Greg Muller, P.E., Senior Design Engineer, ILC Dover; Joey Sung; Michel Pantaleano
  • Proof-of-Concept Designs for the Assembly of Modular Dynamic Tensegrities into Easily Deployable Structures - Author: Patrick Meng, Student, Computer Science Department; and Kostas Bekris, Doctorate, Associate Professor, Rutgers University - New Brunswick; Devin Balkcom, Doctorate, Associate Professor, Dartmouth University; Weifu Wang, Doctorate, Assistant Professor, University at Albany
  • Buckling of Light Reflectors - Possibility of In-Situ Repair - Authors:  Jan Blachut, Ph.D., DSc, Professor, Fellow Institute of Mechanical Engineers; University of Liverpool

Thursday, April 22 | 12:40 - 2:10 pm | TAii

Architecture and Analog Facilities for the Moon and Mars:  Designing for Human Space Exploration
Chairs: Valentina Sumini, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA; and Christopher Dreyer, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO

  • A Preliminary Systems Design on the NASA Lunar Modular Habitat with a Human-Autonomous Coordinated Operation: Design through the Integrated Product and Process Development Method - Author: Michel Lacerda, MSAE, Ph.D. Research Assistant, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Structural Insight of Persian Bathhouse Architecture for Designing Greenhouses on Mars - Authors: Valentina Sumini, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Associate in Space Architecture; and Joseph Paradiso, Ph.D., Professor, MIT Media Lab - Responsive Environments; Mahsa Moghimi Esfandabadi, Graduate Student, Research Assistant, University of Houston; Guillermo Trotti, Space Architect, Trotti & Associates
  • Research Facility On The Moon - Author:  Mikolaj Trus, MSc, EngArch, Student, Cracow University of Technology
  • Pitfalls of Remote, Extreme Settlements: the Case for Urban Planning Practice for Future Space Colonies - Author: Ethan Hudgins, MS, Urban Planner, AECOM
  • Identification of Targeted Objects or Regions on an Analogue Site of the Moon by Using  Deep Learning Segmentation Algorithm - Authors:  Kyu Beom Lee, Ph.D. Student, Student Researcher; Hu-Song Shin, Research Fellow; Sung Chul Hong, Head Researcher; and Jae Min Park, Head Researcher, Korea Institute of Civil Engineer and Building Technology
  • Martian Agriculture and Plant Science (MAPS): A Food Production Solution for Sustainable Human Presence on Mars - Authors:  Cory George, Student; Duha Bader, Student; Lucas Brown, Student; Journey Byland, Student; Audrey Chamberlin, Student; Isabella Elliot, Student; Nancy Juarez, Student; Steven K. Robinson, Student; and Jackson Liao, Student, University of California, Davis

Thursday, April 22 | 2:20 - 3:50 pm | TB

Resilient Extraterrestrial Habitats and Life Support Systems
Chairs: Amin Maghareh, Purdue University, W. Lafayette, IN; and Arturo Montoya, University of Texas at San Antonio, TX

  • Resilient Space Habitat Design using Safety Controls - Author: Robert Kitching, Graduate Research Assistant; Dale Williams, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Purdue University School of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Hunter Mattingly; Karen Marais
  • A Study of Layered Structural Configurations as Thermal and Impact Shielding of Lunar Habitats - Authors:  Jeffrey Steiner, Student; and Ramesh Malla, Ph.D., F.ASCE, F.EMI, A.F. AIAA, Professor, University of Connecticut
  • Role of Cyber-Physical Testing in Developing Resilient Extra-Terrestrial Habitats - Author: Amin Maghareh, Research Assistant Professor, Itlas Bilonis; Shirley Dyke; Murali Krishnan; and Ali Lenjani,, Purdue University
  • Development of a Computational Framework for the Design of Resilient Space Structures - Authors: Adnan Shahriar; Sterling Reynolds; Mehdi Najarian; Arturo Montoya
  • Pressurized Greenhouse: A Responsive Environment to Partial Gravity Conditions - Author: Mahsa Moghimi Esfandabadi, Graduate Student and Research Assistant; and Olga Bannova, Ph.D., Lic Eng., Research Professor, University of Houston

Thursday, April 22 | 4:00 - 5:30 pm | TCi

Lunar and Martian Habitats:  Design Considerations and Construction Challenges
Chairs: Sudarshan Krishnan, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL; and Olga Bannova, University of Houston, Houston, TX

  • Design and Analysis of 3D-Printable Thin-Shell Dome Structures for Extraterrestrial Habitation - Author: Matthew Troemner, E.I., Ph.D. Candidate; Gianluca Cusatis; Benton Johnson; and Elham Ramyar, Northwestern University
  • Energy Life Cycle in Extraterrestrial Construction Projects: Is Building Underground an Option? - Author: Hashem Izadi Moud, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, and Craig Capano, Florida Gulf Coast University; Ian Flood, University of Florida; Peyman Rahgozar; Sebastian T. Weber
  • Seismic Site Effect Investigation for Future Moonquake-Resistant Structures by Considering Geometrical and Geotechnical Characteristics of Lunar Bases - Authors:  Pooneh Magoul; Dana Amini, and Hongwei Liu, University of Manitoba
  • Evaluation of Lunar Pits and Lava Tubes for Use as Human Habitats - Authors:  Himangshu Kalita; and Jekan Thangavelautham, Ph.D., Assistant Professor,  University of Arizona; A. Quintero; A. Wissing; B. Haugh; C. Angie; G. Nail; J. Wilson; J. Richards; J. Landin; K. Kukkala; M. Vazquez; N. Tan; Q. Lamey; R. Lu; R. Peralta; V. Vilvanathan
  • Compressibility Behavior of a Nearside Highland Regolith Simulant - Author: Julianne Thompson, Student; Frances Constanio; and Corrie Walton-Macaulay, Saint Martin's University
  • Simulant and Environment Requirements for Space Resources Technology Development - Author: Hunter Williams, Mechanical Engineer, Honeybee Robotics; and Cristopher Dreyer, Assistant Research Professor, Colorado School of Mines; James Mantovani

Thursday, April 22 | 4:00 - 5:30 pm | TCii

Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Space Facilities and Spaceports Construction
Chairs: Robert Mueller, NASA Kennedy Space Center, FL; and James T. Barrett, Turner Construction, New York, NY

  • Use of BIM and 3D Printing in Mars Habitat Design Challenge - Author: Peter Carrato, P.E., S.E., CEng, Fellow Emeritus, Bechtel Corporation
  • LOON – An Integrated Development Vision for the pre-2100 Lunar Industrial Town - Author: Jeffrey Montes, M.Arch, Space Architect, Jetportal; Ethan Hudgins; Kevin Cannon; George Lordos; Paul van Susante; Lindsey Cohen; James P. Barrett; Ryan Tingey; Caroline Murray; Jody Jones; Michael Soubotin; Brian Knowles
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) Workflows for Construction Sequencing & 4D-Planning of 3D-Printed ISRU Surface Habitats - Author: Melodie Yashar, M.Arch, MHCI, Co-Founder, Space Exploration Architecture; P. Michealsen; B. Hammond; J. Alvizar; C. Ciardullo; M. Morris; R. Pailes-Friedman; G. Bell; R. Tucker; T. Shen; S. Austin; L. LeBlanc
  • Lunar Mega Project: Processes, Work Flow and Terminology of the Terrestrial Construction Industry Versus the Space Industry - Author: Robert Mueller, M.ASCE, MMSE, Senior Aerospace Technologist, NASA Kennedy Space Center; Robert Moses; David Wilson; Peter Carrato; Troy King
  • Instant Landing Pads for Lunar Missions - Authors: Matthew Kuhns; Philip Metzger; Zohaib Hasnain; Kris Zacny
  • Off Earth Landing and Launch Pad Construction – A Critical Technology for Establishing a Long-Term Presence on Extraterrestrial Surfaces - Author: Nathan Gelino, Principal Investigator, NASA Kennedy Space Center; Robert P. Mueller; Robert W. Moses; James G. Mantovani; Philip T. Metzger; Brad C. Buckles; Laurent Sibille

Friday, April 23 | 11:50 am - 1:20 pm | FAi

Tensegrity Structural Systems for Moon and Mars Space Applications
Chairs: Robert Skelton, Texas A & M University, College Station, TX; and Ju Hong Park, POSTECH, Pohang, Korea

  • Soft Tensegrity Systems for Planetary Landing and Exploration - Authors: Kevin Garanger; Isaac del Valle; Matthew Krajewski; Marco Pavone, Assistant Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Stanford University; Utkarsh Raheja; Miriam Rath; Julian Rimoli, Associate Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Design of Tensegrity Structures with Static and Dynamic Modal Requirements - Author: Raman Goyal, Graduate Student Researcher, Aerospace Engineering; and Manoranjan Majji, Director, LASR Laboratory, Assistant Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Texas A&M University, College Station; Edwin A. Peraza Hernandez; Robert E. Skelton
  • The Design and Development of Geodesic Dome Structure with Tensegrity for Martian Agriculture - Author: Hae Yeon Kim, MS, Graduate Student; and Ju Hong Park, Assistant Professor, Director of the POSTECH Design Intelligence Lab, POSTECH
  • Tensegrity Structures for Impact Energy Absorption and Dissipation in Planetary Landers - Author: Edwin Peraza Hernandez, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of California, Irvine; and Liming Zhao
  • Minimum Mass Tensegrity Wheel Topology for Mobility of Planetary Rovers Over Unstructured Terrains - Author: Manoranjan Majji, Director, LASR Laboratory, Assistant Professor of Aerospace Engineering; Caleb Peck, Graduate Student; Joe Peterson, Graduate Student; and Robert Skelton, Ph.D., Texas A&M University, College Station

Friday, April 23 | 11:50 am - 1:20 pm | FAii

Innovative Construction Techniques for Lunar and Martian Environments
Chairs: Nipesh Pradhananga, Florida International University, Miami, FL; and Mustafa Alsaleh, Caterpillar, Inc., Peoria, IL

  • Self-Powered Dust Mitigation on Moon - Author: Sang Choi, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, NASA Langley Research Center; Robert W. Moses
  • Requirements Development Framework for Lunar In-Situ Surface Construction of Infrastructure - Author: Robert Moses, Aerospace Technologist, NASA Langley Research Center; Robert P. Mueller
  • Multipurpose Cassegrain System - Author: Robert Moses, Aerospace Technologist, NASA Langley Research Center; Sang H. Choi; Cheol Park; Catharine C. Fay
  • Innovative Construction Techniques in Earth vs. Space: Similarities and Differences - Author: Nipesh Pradhananga, P.E., Assistant Professor, Florida International University; Sudip Subedi
  • Modelling Excavation, Site-Preparation and Construction of a Lunar Mining Base Using Robot Swarms - Authors:  Jekan Thangavelautham; Yinan Xu
  • Extraterrestrial Construction in Lunar and Martian Environments - Author: M.Z. Naser, Ph.D., P.E., Assistant Professor, Clemson University; Qiushi Chen

Friday, April 23 | 1:40 pm - 3:10 pm | FBi

Structural Morphology and Tensegrity Systems for Moon, Mars, and Other Extreme Environments
Chairs: Landolf Rhode-Barbarigos, University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL; and Melissa Sampson, Ball Aerospace, Boulder, CO

  • A Polyhedral Approach for Design of Inflatable Lunar Habitats - Author: Sudarshan Krishnan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Structures, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Deployable Tensegrity Lunar Tower - Author: Manoranjan Majji, Director, LASR Laboratory, Assistant Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Texas A&M University, College Station; Muhao Chen; Raman Goyal; Robert E. Skelton
  • Design and Implementation of an Extra-large 3D Printing System Combining Tensegrity with Cable-Suspended Parallel Robot - Author: Hae Yeon Kim, MS, Graduate Student, POSTECH
  • Tensegrity Lander Architecture for Planetary Explorations - Author: Dipanjan Saha, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Aerospace Engineering, Texas A&M University; Raman Goyal; Robert E. Skelton
  • Rection or Reciprocal Tension as More Efficient Tensegrity - Authors:  Andry Widyowijatnoko; Rakhmat F. Aditra; Ardelia J. Cungwin

Friday, April 23 | 1:40 pm - 3:10 pm | FBii

3D Printing Methods and Materials:  Applications for Lunar and Martian Construction
Chairs: Seung Jae Lee, Florida International University, Miami, FL; and Peter Caratto, Bechtel Corp., VA

  • Numerical Simulation of 3D Printing of Infrastructure Materials - Authors: Elham Ramyar, Ph.D. Candidate, Northwestern University; Z. Xinwei; G. Cusatis
  • Solar 3D Printing of Structures for Off-World Bases - Authors:  Steven Anderson; Jekan Thangavelautham
  • Synthetic H2O Weathering of Simple Feldspar Lunar Regolith Simulants Aiming to Build High Strength 'Sandcastles' Using Fusion Drying - Authors:  David Karl; Franz Kamutzki
  • Generating, Simulating and Optimizing the Design of a 3D Printed Martian Habitat: a Case Study in the Incorporation of BIM in Autonomous Construction - Authors: Shadi Nazarian, Associate Professor, Penn State University- Department of Architecture; Naveen Kumar Muthumanickam; and Jose Duarte
  • Understanding the Soil Bearing Resistance in a Different Gravity Environment for Extraterrestrial Human Habitat Construction - Authors: Sumana Bhattacharya, Ph.D., Geotechnical Engineer, Florida International University; Seung Jae Lee
  • The Role of Light on Human Well-Being During Settlement on Mars – a Design Analysis for the Lighting Strategy of MARSHA, Winner of NASA’s 3-D Printed Habitat Challenge - Author: Haniyeh Mirdamadi, MFA, Lighting Design, ARUP


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